Click on the questions to open the collapsible content.

* In the actual page in the navigation menu click Log In

* After opening the Log In page at the Username Field write you username and in the Password field the password for the user you are trying to log in.(Username and Password are given to the client after they mount a GPS tracker on their car)

* Log In to the application from the Log In menu

* Go to Settings and then Change Password

* On the Password Table at the Old Password write the actual password and then write the new password 2 times

* Log In at your application through the Log In menu

* After logging in click on Reports and then on Trip & Idle (Detailed)

* On the table select the setting as you require

* For a daily report at the Period field choose Daily,for weekly Weekly,for monthly Monthly and for a specific period choose Custom.

* Then at TagID choose only Show on Map

* If you want to see this report on the same table choose HTML,if you want to download it as PDF or CSV choose the right format.

* Next click on Generate button

* If you want to send it to an email,after the reports is generated choose Send e-mail,write the email address and click Send

On AppStore search GPSGate Fleet and install it

After installing it, tap the GPSGate icon

Once you open the app, you have to paste our link

Tap Save and wait for the app to update

At the end you will the see two field one for the username and the other for password